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Feel Great In Your Skin

So Many
Amazing Benefits

It feels great. Energizing, invigorating, and hypnotic.

Helps detoxify by stimulating the body's cellular waste removal mechanism known as the Lymphatic System.

Effectively exfoliates to remove dead skin and impurities.

Leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Helps reduce cellulite.

Opens the pores and preps the skin greatly enhancing the benefits of other beauty rituals such lotions, creams, soaps, steam, and hot water.

Increases blood flow.

Can reduce stress,muscle pain and tension. Therapists often combine it with massage.

100% Natural and VEGAN. Premium bamboo handle and extra firm plant bristle.

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It Feels Incredible

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry Brushing (also called Skin Brushing) is a world renowned wellness and beauty ritual. There are many techniques, but the basic process is to use a special body tool called a skin brush to "dry" brush either the whole body or specific areas just before or after bathing.

Not All Skin Brushes Are Equal
Bass has crafted luxury grade brushes for nearly 40 years and the Bass Skin Brush is the ultimate expression of this essential dry brushing tool.
The Bass Skin Brush uses premium natural plant bristles that stimulate and excite every area they with touch with pulsating energy.
It stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the skin to help remove impurities, leaving a soft and silky feel.

With so many health and wellness benefits, dry brushing with The Bass Skin Brush is recommended by many Osteopathic (DO), Naturopathic (ND), and even Medical (MD) doctors all over the world... 

But we think the best part is that it's so invigorating and FEELS incredible!

 Just Try It.

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