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The World's Finest Brush For Facial Hair

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Natural Bristle

Anatomically Contoured

Solid Bamboo Handle​

Luxury Grade

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100% Pure Natural Bristle

For nearly 40 years, Bass has created luxury grade brushes with an emphasis on natural materials.

We've always had a special focus on Barbering and Men's products so with the popularity of beards, it just made sense for us to pivot our expertise and create a truly exceptional Beard Brush.

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 Just Try It.

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There's Nothing Really Like It

We used premium silver natural bristle set with ultra-high density tufting for superior conditioning of the coarse facial hair.

The bristle surface is precision shaped to be anatomically contoured for the face and neck while the eco-friendly bamboo handle is similarly tailored to align comfortably with the natural curves of the palm and thumb.
It pours itself into your hand and glides through your beard with absolute ease. 

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