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Style & Condition Round Hair Brush  |  100% Natural Bristle + Nylon Pin  |  Pure Bamboo Handle  |  Extra Small Tourmaline Ionic Barrel 


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For nearly 40 years, Bass has designed luxury grade brushes with an emphasis on natural and durable materials for long product life and environmental sustainability. Our brushes are used and endorsed by professional stylists, barbers and estheticians all over the world.


Our Style and Condition brushes are used to create the perfect shape from straight lines to gentle waves or tight curls and give professional results every time. We only use 100% premium natural bristles that distribute natural oils for a clean finish and healthy shine. 

Bass 207 Dark Bamboo | Extra Small Round Brush with Natural Bristle + Nylon Pins

SKU: 207
    • Premium natural bristles distribute natural oils for a clean finish and healthy shine. The tourmaline ionic barrel replenishes negative ions to further improve the style and conditon of the hair.     
    • Eco-friendly natural bamboo handle with a luxury grade finish and rubber grip inlets.     
    • Small barrel design for creating tight curls and tight waves.     
    • Used and recommended by professional hairstylists all over the world. 
    • For all hair types. 
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