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Styling: What Brush to Use and When?

Beginning with washing your hair in the shower and ending with the finished style, there are many different steps and different brushes that you can use to get that ideal look. From detangling in the shower to polishing it off at the end, I will guide you through each step and the ideal brush to achieve a clean and even look every time.

Beginning with washing the hair, using a Bass Shower Brush is great way to ensure that conditioners and treatments are evenly distributed throughout the hair for the best results. A few passes through the hair with this brush will make sure your product is getting everywhere you want it and staying away from where you don’t. The premium nylon pins are perfect for wet use and the no cushion design allows the brush to dry completely after each use. Meaning, NO MOLD OR MILDEW.

Right out of the shower and for more stubborn tangles, towel dry your hair and reach for a Bass Bio-Flex Detangler. This brush uses ultra-flexible pins that gently slide through tangles, removing them with little pulling (and less pain)! This brush makes for one of the best detangling options with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. The handle is made from plant-based materials and will biodegrade and naturally fertilize when thrown away into organic conditions.

Moving on to the blow drying, a heat resistant paddle brush is a great option! The size of a paddle brush and the handle are great for beginners because they offer such great control. Passing a paddle brush through the hair while blow drying will give you a smooth and sleek blow dry. The Bass Green Brush series or Color Burst Series offer great options for paddle brushes – and come in different sizes and shapes to guarantee you’ll find one you love!

Looking for a more voluminous look? Reach for a round brush. Simply put, a smaller round brush can be used for tight curls and waves or for those with short hair. A large round brush is ideal for loose curls and waves, added volume and great for those with long hair. They come in many different sizes and bristle combinations. You can find a more detailed explanation of round brushes here if you’d like further information.

And for the last step, a natural bristle brush is a great option and is probably the most diverse brush. A natural bristle hair brush will distribute your own natural oils - giving your hair a beautiful shine for a healthy shiny finish. A natural bristle brush will also calm fly-aways or smooth out your hair for an elegant high, tight ponytail. Use a natural bristle brush to lightly brush out tight curls for a more natural look or to give a beachy finish to the curl.

With even just a couple of these brushes, you can create a great arsenal of hairstyles perfect for your hair type. You'll be able to find any of the brushes listed above at

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