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Natural VS Nylon: What's the Difference?

With the plethora of brush choices on the market, it can be difficult to make a choice? Which one is the best? Which one will help MY hair the most? Each brush category has a different function and today – we’re going to tackle 2 - Shine & Condition and Style & Detangle.

Let’s start with Shine & Condition. These brushes are most well-known for…you guessed it… SHINE & CONDITIONING properties. These brushes are typically made with a natural bristle, such as boar hair. These bristles grab onto natural oil produced from the scalp and distribute them throughout the length of the hair. And when used consistently, will drastically improve the condition of the hair while also giving it softness and shine. Just remember, brush in small sections. The natural bristle won’t penetrate through all the hair at once so using smaller sections is crucial.

Think as a Shine & Condition brush as a “finishing brush” or a “treatment brush”. Use it to polish a finished style or in your routine to assist with conditioning the hair. For thicker hair, look for a natural bristle brush with nylon pin combination. As we will discuss below, the nylon pins will help with penetrating thick hair while also making sure to condition – ALL AT ONCE!!!

Style & Detangle hair brushes differ in the type of pin. These brushes are typically made with nylon pins – whether they are stiff or ultra-flexible or somewhere in between. Many Bass Brushes Style & Detangle hairbrushes use heat resistant pins, meaning you can use with your blow dryer without the fear of the brush being damaged. These are great for rough drying before styling or for a simple straight blowout. They are also great for detangling hair. The pins penetrate the hair and while brushing to remove tangles. (unlike the natural bristle) Just make sure to detangle wet hair with caution!

For any hair need, Bass Brushes has you covered! Head over to shop and always reach out with any questions!

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