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How to Clean Your Hairbrush

No matter what type of hair brush you reach for, it is so important to make sure you cleaning it properly. With daily use, our brushes take a beating. They build up with hair, product and other impurities and can get pretty dirty if not properly cleaned. Follow the steps below about every 2 weeks.

1. Remove all the hair from the bristles. For this, you can use a cleaning brush, comb or pick to get the strands deep down in the bristles. Make sure all hair is removed before moving to the next step.

2. Using warm water and a gentle soap or shampoo, dip your cleaning brush into the water and swipe your hairbrush with the brush face down. Repeat until all impurities are removed from the brush. Alternately, you can dip the bristles directly into the soapy water and wash.

3. Repeat with clean water to make sure all impurities and soap are removed from the bristles.

4. Set the brush out to airdry completely.

And please note, take caution when washing brushes with cushions. Water can get trapped underneath the cushion, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Avoid soaking a brush with a cushion and wooden parts as it can damage the brush. And always allow to dry completely.

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