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Bass Blades Viper Shave Set - Premium resin handles with piano finish, luxury grade polished metal hardware, and 100% pure fine natural badger shaving brush. Chrome soap bowl included. 




For nearly 40 years, Bass has designed luxury grade shaving accessories with an emphasis on natural materials. Our products are surprisingly affordable and recommended by professional barbers all over the world.


Our shave sets are equisitley designed with luxury grade materials and sophistacted artistry to elevate the enjoyment of your shaving experience by providing superior results while adorning your personal grooming space.


    • Premium resin handles with piano finish.
    • Luxury grade hardware.
    • 100% pure fine natural badger hair shaving brush.
    • Shaving brushes provide superior results by creating a rich lather, stimulating the folliciles, and keeping the skin moist throught the shave.
    • Shaver accepts a standard 5 blade cartridge avaiable at most retailers.  
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