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Bass EM1 Baby Blue  |  Gel Eye Mask

Product Description

Gel Eye Mask  |  Baby Blue Finish  


Product Overview

For nearly 40 years, Bass has designed luxury grade bath and body tools with an emphasis on natural and durable materials for long product life and environmental sustainability. 


Our gel eye mask can be used hot or cold to help with dark circles, sinus congestion or for an overall relaxing experience. 

Bass EM1 Baby Blue | Gel Eye Mask

    • Use hot to help reduce redness, swelling and sinus congestion.     
    • Use cold to help eliminate dark circles, redness, puffiness and tired eyes.
    • Place in microwave for 30 seconds and let cool to a comfortable temperature before placing on eyes.     
    • Place in freezer for approximately 2 hours to use cold.     
    • Perfect for everyone. 
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