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What Makes a Great Blow-Dry Brush

With the endless number of brushes on the market, choosing a brush for a blow out can seem like an impossible task. But with the right information, that choice can be a bit easier. When choosing a brush, keep in mind your hair type, texture, length and your desired results.


Round brushes seem to be the go-to blow dry brush for many - and for great reason. Depending on the size, round brushes can be used to create a multitude of styles & designs. From tight curls to a straight & voluminous design, a high-quality Bass Brushes round brush is an essential tool for anyone’s hair care arsenal.

Natural bristle round brushes

These round brushes are great for those with fine to normal hair. The natural bristles are gentle enough to not tug at the hair, therefore minimizing breakage while smoothing even the frizziest hair and adding a beautiful, natural shine. Check out our extensive line of natural bristle round brushes here.

Combination round brushes

These brushes have natural bristle + nylon pins are excellent brushes for those with normal to thick hair. The nylon pins grip the hair to ensure the desired shape while the natural bristle smooths frizz and gives a natural shine. Check out our line of combination round brushes here.

Ionic barrel round brushes

These round brushes aim to reduce dry time with their vented core – allowing air to travel through the brush, therefore reducing dry time and heat damage. Ionic barrels replenish negative ions to further improve the condition of the hair while also holding on to heat to ensure consistent results each time.

Choosing the right size round brush will depend on your desired style and the length of your hair. For short hair or creating tight waves, choose an extra small or small barrel. For medium to long hair or for creating loose waves or straight lines, choose a medium or large barrel. And for extra long hair, choose an extra large barrel.


Paddle brushes are another great option for a smooth and sleek blow-out. Using a paddle brush with heat resistant pins will give your hair a smooth finish while giving complete control. They are also a great option for the blow-out beginner because they offer great control. Check out our line of blow-out approved paddle brushes here.

There are many factors that go into what makes a great blow-dry brush. Making sure you’re using the right brush for your hair and for your desired outcome can give you that salon worth blow out every time!


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