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The Shower Brush: The Hairbrush Made for Wet Brushing

Wet hair can be tricky to manage. And while most hairstylists are in agreement – wet hair is much more prone to damage than dry hair, certain measures can be taken to drastically reduce the amount of damage caused when dealing with wet hair.

While it is more susceptible to damage, wet hair also provides the perfect opportunity to apply leave in products. When the hair is wet, the cuticles are slightly lifted off the strand of the hair, which makes a perfect environment for the hair to soak up products like leave – in conditioners or hair oils.

With all of this in mind, Bass Brushes has created a superior hair brush made specifically for wet hair, THE SHOWER BRUSH. This brush is made with soft nylon pins that flex to minimize any pulling and was designed to glide smoothly through the hair in order to detangle and keep your wet hair safe. It’s no cushion design means there is no place for water to get trapped so the brush can dry completely after each use. (so, NO mildew or mold. YUCK!) And the ultra-lightweight design and rubber grip handle make for a comfortable experience in the shower, bath or sauna.

THE SHOWER BRUSH is also the perfect tool to distribute your leave in products. Simply apply the product to your strands and start brushing, starting at the ends of the hair and working your way to the root. And always remember to be gentle!

Check out THE SHOWER BRUSH here.

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