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The Green Brush: Our Sustainable Bamboo Handle Line of Hair Brushes

For 40 years, the focus of Bass Brushes has been on creating luxury grade hairbrushes with an emphasis on natural materials and environmental sustainability. And from this mission, the Green Brush line of hair brushes has come to the forefront.

The Green Brush line contains 6 hair brushes – all different sizes and shapes but what holds consistent is the quality and materials used. The handle and brush pins are made from eco-friendly bamboo that is not only earth friendly but strong enough to hold up to even the most demanding professional stylists. These pins will not melt even under the hottest blow dryers and will last years!

Bamboo is one of our fastest growing plants on Earth and because of its versatility and quick growth rate, it’s a perfect replacement for plastic brush handles and pins. It absorbs 30% more carbon dioxide compared to other plants, requires no chemicals to grow & is extremely durable.

The Green Brush can be used in all steps of the styling process from detangling, to heat styling, to providing finishing touches to your style. It is a great all-in-one tool that will not fail you.

Make sure to check out The Green Brush here.

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