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The Beard Brush: The Amazing Conditioning Brush Just for Your Beard

Close to 55% of men from around the world have a beard or some type of facial hair. And typically, the hair is fairly coarse and can be unruly if not properly groomed. One secret for THE BEST beard is making sure that it is brushed & conditioned.

Bass Brushes has developed an innovative brush made just for that – The Beard Brush! We have always had a special focus on barbering and men’s products so with the popularity of beards on the rise, it made perfect sense for us to create this exceptional Beard Brush.

The Bass Brushes Beard Brush uses premium silver natural bristles with ultra-high density tufting for superior conditioning of coarse facial hair. The natural bristles grab on to the oils produced by our own body to distribute them evenly throughout the entire beard. The Beard Brush can also be used to apply and distribute beard oils and balms. Natural bristles are ideal for cleaning the beard by removing any dirt or food that has collected throughout the day.

The Beard Brush is anatomically contoured to fit perfectly with the shape of the face and neck and similarly tailored to align with the natural curves of the palm and the thumb. The handle is made from solid, eco-friendly bamboo with a luxury grade finish. The firm natural bristles are ideal for any length beard and will glide through the hair with ease.

Check out The Beard Brush here.

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